Founded in 1972, Bai Win has vast experience designing and manufacturing products ranging from porcelain to furniture, along with end-to-end product design and development for leading brands around the globe. Our team of multilingual professionals are based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and the States. We build relationships that last because we develop with you, not just for you.
From concept development, to product design, vendor compliance, sourcing, manufacturing control, logistics, and more, Bai Win has the unique ability to create flexible, end-to-end supply chain strategies for our clients. We believe supply chain solutions should optimize pricing, ensure the quality, quantity, and delivery of products along with enhancing speed to market.


Bai Win was founded by Faye Angevine and Howard Brewer, both from the US. Their passion for, and understanding of Asian culture and work ethics has helped create an invaluable bridge between the West and East, enabling better communication for all.
We follow a transparent and strict code of ethics when working with clients. We believe in being discreet, observing complete confidentiality in all our communications and routinely use non-disclosure agreements. We respect our client’s privacy and patents.
Bai Win believes it is our responsibility to ensure all our vendors operate safe, efficient and ethical factories that produce reliable, safe, and high-quality products. Our focus is on working towards a shared goal and finding the best solutions for our clients, while building long lasting relationships.